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Puerto Rico-May 2015

                This week has been AMAZING! It is really great to see all the people here just working together and getting things done. The weather here is HOT and HUMID. I have never experienced this kind of weather before and I was definitely NOT prepared. However, It has also been a real blessing. Although it’s humid, you have to make sure you are drinking LOTS of water! You’ll need it! Anyways, so far this week we have done lots of cool and hard things. On Monday we had orientation and then split into three groups for work. On Tuesday, we helped out at a soup kitchen which was fun yet scary at first. There have been many people there that have suffered and or are trying to get back up on their feet in life. Our meals have been great! They definitely  keep you well fed seeing as the meals are huge and if you are still hungry after eating one plate, then you must have a tape worm or something! Haha. Anyways, it’s been wonderful. Today, is Wednesday and we had a full work day. Oh yeah, also after the soup kitchen on Tuesday we finished our work that we did on Monday. I was in the painting group. We had to paint this ceiling and it was SUPER  HARD!!! Then we were taken to Ponce for some ice cream and sight seeing. Okay so today, we worked really hard. I got a slight sunburn as did some others on the mission team. However, all this hard work is worth it. On Saturday, Camp Caribe is having the annual UniChallenge. It’s basically this survival game/event for college aged students. All these games looks super hard and I just know it will be a BLAST!!! God has definitely blessed me and many others on this trip. I am excited to see what He will do next! Praise be to God! JJJ

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  1. Praise the Lord. I will be down there in June with Bill Britton. I will pray for the rest of your trip!

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