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4 Snapshots of Puerto Rico

Hello friends and family! We’ve just completed our first week of ministry!! God has been on the move in Puerto Rico. We’ve seen salvations, healings, and many other miracles! Each tribe has picked a “snapshot” moment to share from the past three days. Enjoy a small picture of what we’ve been doing here: 

Tribe 1 

(Pastor Tyler, Grace, Mia, Elijah, Luke, Destiny, Tamara, Zoey)

– We were at Don Cindos house and his grand daughter gave Mia and I a flower when they came to visit him. They came down to see what we were doing at Don Cindo because we were worshipping so loud. As we met Don Cindo granddaughter (or maybe it was his neice) she gave us a flower. The girl was generous to us and wanted to give back to us. As we were generous to Don Cindo by worshipping, his neice was generous to us by blessing us with a flower. God always blesses us as we bless others. Even in the most simple way, he gave us joy through the smallest interaction. 

Tribe 2 

(Coty, Lindsey, Fonte, Abigail, Ethan Knuth, Ciara, Alicia, Nathaniel)

  Hello to all of our stateside familia!

We’re coming up on four days of being here in PR but, boy, it feels like a month! Our days have been full of evangelism, meeting lovely people, project work, sweating a lot, and praying for the island. 

Every day, we’ve gotten to go out into the community (some days with a translator, some days without ??) and hand out water filters and emergency lights. When hurricane Maria hit back in 2017, many people weren’t prepared. They were without power, food, and running water for a month afterwards. So these filters and lights are there to provide relief and clean drinking water in case of another storm. 

Tribe 3 

(Will, Miranda, Gill, Josiah, DJ, Toni, Ashleigh Rank, Alyssa, Harleigh)

– Blessed a married couple with a water filter and a solar lantern, they blessed us back with handmade cups and cold water bottles! It really shows how generous and caring this culture is! They’re very open and enjoy blessing back!

Tribe 4

(Marki, Ethan Sox, Ashley Bruce, Celena, Sarah Bell, Jordan, Mason, AJ)

– This week our group has felt such a focus on faith. The Lord has not only been strengthening our faith, but leading us to those who need theirs strengthened. We’ve been blessed with such a faithful God, and all he expects from us is faith in return. 

Please keep us in your prayers for continued health, peace, strength, and an increase in faith over the entire island! We are expectant for the Lord to move in mighty ways the next few days. ¡Dios les bendiga! God bless you!