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Puerto Rico • day four

La Perla

//Growing up I’ve always heard that “La Perla” was somewhere you did NOT go to. My knowledge of this place was that it was one of the roughest parts of Puerto Rico. So when I heard our team was given the opportunity to do ministry here, I was so incredibly humbled and excited.

//One of our teams was able to be there all week to re-build a house for an 80-year-old man named Don Ramón. He lost absolutely everything. But this team worked arduously to build as much as they could in a week – and they did SO MUCH MORE than we could have ever expected.

//In addition to helping him with his new home, we also gave him a waterfilter and solar lights . When I got to talk to him, he expressed how grateful he was not only to us, but to the Lord for showing him that he wasn’t forgotten and was being taken care of. I’m so grateful we were able to meet and serve such a sweet soul.



written by Melissa Lisseth Flores