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Austin Rogers’ day one story

Day one at Camp Caribe

By Austin Rogers. June 12, 2017

Today we did a lot of great things for the staff and the Lord. My group painted a house for the permanent staff. While the two others filled potholes and clean the kids VBS play places We are lunch and then went to get frappe’s, which were amazing. After my group went to VBS vacation Bible school.

There we got to play with the kids for about three hours. We played foursquare, basketball, soccer, and we made crafts. We also perform a skit about Jesus calling a huge storm. When we had to leave I didn’t want to go. It was so fun playing with the kids. Back at the camp we swam for a bit and went to a meeting. We learned about how everyone’s faith is different, and we shared what we did throughout the day. So that was all for the first day.