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UNICHALLENGE 2016 is finished.  The 10th year.  There was racing, mud, the ocean, walls, tires, tires, more tires, a small river, music, a mental game, balance beams, the Gospel and much more. Please go to where we have many pics and some videos.  Please help us share these on FB as much as possible.  Many people in Puerto Rico came to the event who maybe have never been inside a Christian environment like we had yesterday. They hear the message of salvation, seeds were planted and now God will keep HIS promise and cause the fruit to grow!  How wonderful that is. 

The team from Rock Solid High School came from Colorado to work on most of the obstacles for the event.  If they had not been in Peurto Rico, maybe the event would not have happened.  They did a fantastic job and bless us all.  Parent.  Be very proud of your youth!

Also go to and to learn more about your next step in serving God around the world.  

Thank you Robert, Pam, Abby and all the youth from Rock Solid High School.


Cesar Gonzalez

Adventures In Missions – PL