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Puerto Rico – March 22, 2018 

That smile. That wonderful smile. The type of smile that could make a shark shriek with glee. Oh, that smile. That beautiful smile. That hand-made, mouth-filled, white resin smile, molded into the shape of teeth, porcelain veneers housing laughter and cheer attached to a face unlike any you’ve ever seen. Her name is Carmen and she is quite simply a sparkle Caribbean queen. To give you an image of this beautiful soul: imagine your own grandmother, okay, now imagine your grandmother as a happy Puerto Rican sea turtle lady with the most generous and glorious heart you’ve ever felt. That is Carmen. Carmen lived through the worst hurricane Puerto Rico has seen in over 100 years. The roofs ripped off, door hinges shattered, walls demolished, houses destroyed, people’s lives literally uprooted and torn apart by mother nature herself and yet…That smile. With so much to make a person frown in times like this, her smile endures. We can all learn a lesson from this God loving woman. Attitude is a choice and how Carmen has dealt with her pain, the loss of her twin sister when she was 3 months old, the vices of her son, her leg pain, her mouth pain, the destruction of many material possessions, she continues to smile. That smile. That wonderful smile. The smile that triumphed the storm. #stm #adventures#shorttermmissions #cesaringeorgia


Nate Hartley