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Spreading the Good News through the radiowaves



On our mission trip to Puerto Rico, God was showing my group and I all week that His plans and purpose are always better than anything we could imagine or plan for ourselves. One day, Roberto from the church we were staying at heard about our group helping out the community, and he invited us to speak on the radio station that he was involved with. After some praying, God showed me that He wanted me to speak, and so I took some time to write out what I would say, but an hour before we left for the show, my papers literally blew away and were in a totally unreachable spot. At this point, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that I didn’t need to make any plans, and that I should just rely on Him to speak through me. When it came time for the radio show, I was nervous, and the beginning was a little rough, but as we went on, I let go and let the Holy Spirit speak through me and share about the Good News.