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Reflections of our week in Puerto Rico

Reflections of our week in Puerto Rico

 My favorite part of ministry is when we went to go play basketball at the rehab facility. It was a fun time and having an uncle that went through rehab it helped me relate. It shows that God does give second chances. Jacob- Youth Participant

My best ministry story is meeting all the new people. Getting to know the other teams, leaders and staff. Also the Puerto Ricans. It was a great experience opening up to all of these people. God showed me his creations. This week he showed me all the beauty through people and nature. It was calming and peaceful. Chauntel

On the prayer walk I got a word from God to find “visible back pain”. We started walking around and I was looking for a crippled or limping person, but as I was walking on the street I felt prompted to look to the left. As I did I saw a chiropractors shop instead, so we went over there and found a man that we were able to pray with who felt hopeless in his life situation. I love how my expectation of what God means and His intent can be so different and so powerful. Danielle- Teen Participant

My best experience was working in the homeless shelter and being able to serve the people. There was a woman who spoke English very well and was able to share a little bit of her testimony with me. Including how she got to where she was in life. I was able to see how her life  was impacted by the choices she made. Amy- age 16





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