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A Beautiful Lesson In Truth

A Beautiful Lesson in Truth

By Amy age 16



This past week in Puerto Rico has been super powerful for me and it was such a blessing to be able to go. When I grow up, I would love to do the World Race and do missions work as a Spanish and English translator. Being a part of such an influential trip is really meaningful to me and it brought me closer to the Lord. Before this trip, I was struggling and felt as though God was not there or was angry at me for making the mistakes that I had. With the help of my fellow friends and team members I was able to get closer to God and rid the fears I had in our relationship. Our camp here was on the beach and the ocean has always had such great meaning to me. I felt as though God was pressing in on my heart that he is not vengeful to us and unforgiving, but rather a loving and caring father who may discipline us because he wants us to follow his path. An ever so slight whisper of his voice had me noticing that our God is awe striking because he makes the waves and calms the storms in our hearts. The important message to me was that God’s love comes in waves and some of those waves are bigger than others, but either way the waves are continuous and calming to us. My personal experience here was good for my soul to sort out the emotions I was feeling and to help serve others in their time of need. Amy age 16